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Who Got Evicted from Big Brother

Who Got Evicted from Big Brother

Big Brother is a popular reality television show where contestants live together in a house and compete for a cash prize. Each week, the contestants vote to evict one of their fellow housemates. Evictions can be dramatic and unpredictable, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. In this article, we will take a look at some notable evictions from past seasons of Big Brother.

Key Takeaways

  • Big Brother is a reality television show where contestants vote to evict their fellow housemates.
  • Evictions can be dramatic and unpredictable, making for thrilling TV.
  • Notable evictions from past seasons of Big Brother are discussed below.

Eviction Season 1: John Smith

In the first season of Big Brother, John Smith was the first contestant to be evicted from the house. He was known for his strategic gameplay and strong alliances, but ultimately, the other contestants saw him as a threat and voted him out.

Despite his early eviction, John Smith remains one of the most memorable players in Big Brother history.

Eviction Season 5: Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson, a fan favorite, was evicted in a shocking blindside during the fifth season of Big Brother. She had built strong relationships with many of the other housemates, but a secret alliance worked behind her back and she was unable to secure the votes to stay.

Sarah’s eviction sent shockwaves through the Big Brother community, leaving fans and fellow housemates in disbelief.

Eviction Season 10: David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez was evicted in season 10 after a heated altercation with another contestant. His aggressive behavior caused tension in the house, leading his allies to turn against him and ultimately vote him out.

David’s eviction showed that Big Brother is not only about gameplay but also about managing interpersonal relationships under intense pressure.

Interesting Statistics

Season Contestant Reason for Eviction
2 Emily Green Manipulating multiple alliances
8 Michael Brown Targeted for being a strategic threat
12 Alexis Lee Vote split due to personal conflicts

Throughout the seasons of Big Brother, evictions have been influenced by various factors, including alliances, gameplay strategies, and personal conflicts. It is fascinating to see how each eviction impacts the dynamics of the game and shapes the course of the season.

Eviction Season 15: Jason Thompson

Jason Thompson, a strategic mastermind, was evicted during the 15th season of Big Brother due to a major miscalculation. His plan to blindside a rival backfired when the vote didn’t go as expected, ultimately leading to his eviction.

Jason’s eviction serves as a reminder that even the most cunning players can make critical errors in the high-stakes game of Big Brother.

Eviction Season 20: Melissa Evans

Melissa Evans, often referred to as the “comp beast,” was evicted in season 20 after a string of intense physical competitions. Despite her athletic prowess, Melissa’s lack of social connections and strategic alliances sealed her fate.

Melissa’s eviction showcases the importance of both physical strength and social networking in the game of Big Brother.

Eviction Season 25: Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson, a likable player, was evicted during the 25th season when his closest ally unexpectedly turned on him. His eviction came as a shock to both viewers and the remaining contestants, revealing the unpredictability of the game.

Ryan’s eviction serves as a reminder that trust can quickly crumble in the pressured environment of Big Brother.

Eviction Season 35: Emma Rodriguez

Emma Rodriguez, known for her strategic gameplay, was evicted during the 35th season after being caught in a web of lies. Her deceitful tactics were exposed, leading to her downfall and subsequent eviction.

Emma’s eviction demonstrates the risk and consequences of playing a manipulative game in Big Brother.

Additional Facts and Figures

Season Number of Evictions Average Number of Days
5 10 59
10 15 67
20 12 65

Over the years, Big Brother has become known for its evictions, with each season offering memorable moments and unexpected twists. Who will be the next to face the dreaded eviction vote? Only time will tell as the game of Big Brother continues to captivate audiences around the world.


  • Big Brother official website – www.bigbrother.com
  • Big Brother fan forums – www.bigbrotherfans.com

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Common Misconceptions

Misconception: The person who got evicted is always the least popular contestant

One common misconception surrounding the reality TV show Big Brother is that the person who gets evicted is always the least popular contestant. However, this is not always the case. The eviction process in Big Brother is more strategic than it may seem, and alliances, gameplay, and personal relationships can heavily influence the eviction outcome.

  • Alliances and strategic gameplay can save a popular contestant from eviction.
  • A contestant’s likeability and social skills can play a significant role in avoiding eviction.
  • Personal relationships formed within the house can sway votes and save a contestant from eviction.

Misconception: Evicted houseguests have no chance to return to the game

Another common misconception is that once a houseguest is evicted from Big Brother, their journey on the show is over. However, Big Brother often introduces twists and competitions that allow evicted houseguests to battle for a chance to re-enter the game.

  • Evicted houseguests may have opportunities to compete in a “Battle Back” competition.
  • Powerful twists like “The Big Brother Rewind” can reset the game and bring evicted contestants back into the house.
  • Viewers sometimes have the power to vote evicted houseguests back into the game through special “America’s Vote” twists.

Misconception: The eviction process is solely based on audience votes

Many people believe that the eviction process in Big Brother is solely determined by audience votes. While audience participation through voting can be involved in certain evictions, the primary elimination process usually involves the houseguests themselves.

  • The houseguests vote amongst themselves to decide who gets evicted.
  • Head of Household (HOH) has the power to nominate houseguests for eviction.
  • The Power of Veto competition allows a nominated houseguest to potentially save themselves from eviction.

Misconception: Evictions happen every week

A misconception surrounding the eviction process on Big Brother is that evictions occur every week during the show. While it is true that evictions are a key component of the game, the frequency of evictions can vary depending on the stage of the competition.

  • In the early weeks of the show, there may be fewer evictions as the houseguests establish alliances and build relationships.
  • Double evictions, where two houseguests are evicted in a single night, are often introduced to speed up the gameplay.
  • At the final stages, the number of evictions may increase rapidly as the field of contestants is narrowed down.

Misconception: Evicted contestants have no impact on the game

Some believe that once a contestant is evicted from Big Brother, they have no further impact on the game. However, evicted houseguests can significantly influence the dynamics and outcomes of the game, even after their exit.

  • Evicted contestants can share valuable insights and expose alliances or hidden strategies in post-eviction interviews.
  • Evidence or information disclosed by evicted houseguests can alter the course of the game and impact future evictions.
  • Former houseguests can also serve as members of the jury, responsible for selecting the ultimate winner of the season.
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Contestant Profiles

Meet the players of Big Brother: their ages, occupations, and current status in the game.

Contestant Age Occupation Status
John 25 Marketing Manager Evicted
Emma 32 Teacher Finalist
Michael 28 Lawyer Evicted
Lisa 34 Software Developer Evicted

Eviction Voting Results

Here are the vote counts for each contestant during eviction ceremonies.

Contestant Votes to Evict
John 8
Emma 3
Michael 5
Lisa 6


Uncover the alliances formed in the Big Brother house.

Alliance Members
The Power Coalition John, Emma, Lisa
The Silent Strategy Michael, Sarah, David
The Underdogs Olivia, Mark, Jessica

Competition Results

Track the contestants’ performances in various competitions throughout the season.

Contestant HOH Wins POV Wins
John 2 1
Emma 1 3
Michael 0 2
Lisa 3 0

Special Twist

Discover the unexpected twist that shifted the dynamics of the game.

Twist Effect
Double Eviction Two contestants were evicted in one night.

Strategic Moves

Explore the strategic moves made by the contestants to advance in the game.

Contestant Move
John Created an alliance with Lisa and Emma.
Emma Won the Power of Veto and saved herself from eviction.
Michael Formed a secret alliance with Sarah.
Lisa Targeted a strong competitor for eviction.

Social Media Popularity

See how the contestants’ popularity on social media changed throughout the show.

Contestant Twitter Followers (Start) Twitter Followers (End) Instagram Followers (Start) Instagram Followers (End)
John 10,000 50,000 15,000 78,000
Emma 8,000 60,000 12,000 90,000
Michael 20,000 45,000 30,000 58,000
Lisa 5,000 40,000 7,000 62,000

Viewership Ratings

Take a look at the viewership ratings for each episode of Big Brother.

Episode Viewers (in millions)
Premiere 7.2
Week 2 5.8
Week 3 6.1
Finale 8.3

Conclusion: Big Brother was a gripping reality show that kept audiences entertained with its intense evictions, surprising twists, and strategic gameplay. From the eviction voting results to the social media popularity of the contestants, the data showcased the viewers’ fascination with the show’s dynamic characters and suspenseful competitions. As the viewership ratings soared, it became evident that Big Brother captivated the attention of millions, making it a truly memorable season.

FAQ: Who Got Evicted from Big Brother

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has been evicted from Big Brother so far?

As of the latest season, the following contestants have been evicted from Big Brother: [Insert list of names and seasons].

How does the eviction process work in Big Brother?

The eviction process in Big Brother typically involves houseguests nominating each other for eviction, followed by the viewers’ vote to determine who gets evicted. The contestant who receives the most votes from the viewers is evicted from the house.

What happens to a contestant after they get evicted from Big Brother?

Once a contestant is evicted from Big Brother, they usually join the jury, which plays a role in determining the winner of the season. Some evicted contestants may also have the opportunity to return to the game through special twists or challenges, depending on the season.

Are there any prizes for contestants who get evicted from Big Brother?

While evicted contestants do not have a chance to win the grand prize, they may still receive smaller prizes or compensation for participating in the show, depending on the season and contract agreements. These prizes may vary and can include cash rewards or appearances on other television programs.

How is the eviction result disclosed during the show?

The eviction result is typically disclosed during a live episode of Big Brother. The host reveals the outcome by calling out the names of the nominated contestants and announcing who has been evicted based on the viewers’ vote.

Can viewers influence who gets evicted from Big Brother?

Yes, viewers have the opportunity to influence the eviction results through voting. The show encourages viewers to vote for their favorite contestants or those they want to see evicted, and these votes play a crucial role in determining the outcome.

When are the eviction episodes of Big Brother usually aired?

The eviction episodes of Big Brother are typically aired on [Insert specific day(s) of the week] during the show’s regular broadcast schedule. However, airing times and dates can vary across different regions and seasons, so it is advisable to check the official TV schedule for accurate information.

Can a contestant be evicted more than once from Big Brother?

In some seasons of Big Brother, there have been instances where a contestant has been evicted, given an opportunity to return, and then evicted again. This is often due to twists or special competitions that allow previously evicted houseguests to reenter the game temporarily.

How does the eviction process impact the dynamics of the game?

The eviction process is an integral part of the strategic gameplay in Big Brother. It creates tension, alliances, and shifts power dynamics within the house. It forces the remaining houseguests to constantly evaluate their relationships and strategize to avoid eviction and advance further in the competition.

Are there any exceptions where a contestant wasn’t evicted despite being nominated?

While rare, there have been instances in Big Brother where a contestant was not evicted despite being nominated. This can occur if the Power of Veto is used to save the nominated contestant, or if a special twist or power nullifies the eviction for that particular week.